The UCLA Intervention Program is a center-based early intervention program providing educational, diagnostic and therapeutic services to infants and toddlers with a wide range of developmental risks and disabilities. The program was established in 1952 and is part of the Developmental Studies Program in the Department of Pediatrics, Mattel Children’s Hospital UCLA.
At the UCLA Intervention Program we view each child within the context of typical child development, believing they share the same needs as all children, as well as some that are uniquely their own. We feel it is important to attend to the needs of the whole child by addressing the areas of concern while also providing opportunities to nurture a child’s strengths.
Rationale for Early Intervention

Early Intervention can strengthen the potential for future success, including improved cognitive, behavioral, and emotional development, and further educational achievement.

At the UCLA Intervention Program, we believe that learning is a process, and so we seek to discover each child’s unique learning style. Through helping children develop successful strategies for learning and providing opportunities to feel proud of their accomplishments, children expand their images of themselves as competent individuals open to life-long learning.

The UCLA Intervention Program encourages individual developmental progress and supports personal and social growth of children with programs that are caring and attentive to their needs.

Program Service
  Infant Services
  Toddler Program
  Individual Physical Therapy
  Let's Get Movin'
  Pollywog Pool Play Program
  Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics Clinic