It is an outstanding program run by caring individuals. The program provides individual attention that focuses on each child’s developmental needs. We are very pleased with the stimulation that the program offers our child.

~ Anonymous ~

UCLA Intervention Program has been very good for our twins. The staff is very caring and gentle with the children. I was especially impressed on the day of the earthquake. The staff calmly and efficiently gathered the children and took them to the pre-designated area. Both children have displayed growth in many areas and enjoy their experiences at school.

~ Billye Porter - grandmother ~

The intervention program has been a critical element of our son’s overall therapy program. Its focus on emotional growth, age-appropriate play, and social interaction has been key to improving our son’s intellectual growth. Each week he exhibits a new skill and we have seen a dramatic improvement in his ability to interact with others and his environment.

~ Monika Jones - mother ~

We saw clear improvement in our daughter's development on a number of fronts within the first few weeks of her enrollment in the UCLA Early Intervention Program. What we noticed was not just the teacher's high level of expertise, but also their extraordinary level of caring.

~ Anonymous ~

We attribute a lot of our child’s growth and success to the amazing teachers and well structured curriculum. The expertise and patience of the staff is inspiring. It is easy to see how much they enjoy their profession. To us, the UCLA Intervention Program is invaluable.

~ The Gomez family ~

My internationally adopted son (home at 14 months) entered the UCLA Early Intervention Program when he was 27-months-old with global delays. The nine months he spent at UCLA were incredible and a great supplement to traditional speech and occupational therapy as he was learning to apply all of his skills he learned in therapy into real world situations. The teachers are truly miracle workers! In a very loving and nurturing way, they managed to motivate him to work hard. He was excited to come to school every day to sing songs, manipulate puzzles, and play with friends. My sonís transition to preschool was easier than I could have ever hoped for and I believe this was entirely due to the dedication of the intervention programís team of professionals.

~ A grateful mom from Sherman Oaks ~

This program is simply magic! My son has improved beyond belief from fantastically dedicated teachers to beautiful play areas. I cannot recommend it highly enough. Wonderful.

~ Mother in Topanga ~

You all feed these little angels with the right amount, thatís why they bloom. Bless you and thank you for your time, your energy and yourself.

~ Bita & Jamal ~